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We are a husband and wife who have seen it all when it comes to relationships and being entrepreneurial parents.
The ups and downs, the miscommunications, the fighting, the excitement, the business successes and failures.

We are here on the other side of it ALL, to guide those who seek WILDLY FULFILLING, PASSIONATE, SPIRITUAL, FINANCIALLY ABUNDANT lives. 

Are you ready ?


This is the time to remember...

That you can truly have what you dream of in life.


Business. Children. Romance.


And it is our purpose to teach you how to:

Streamline Your Business

Be Amazingly Present Parents


Have A Fulfilling Romantic Relationship

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Tap into your greatest relationship. 

Rediscover the romance.

Be fully present and have fun!






Enjoy them.

Keep Calm.

Integrate them into the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

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"When it comes to relationships, I think that Julie and Andy are the poster children for graceful navigation through true Spiritual Partnerships. Julie is definitely the soul sis I call when I need relationship advice as I know I'll always get the highest form of guidance from her loving perspective & personal knowledge. Together they mold such a perfect oneness that just makes sense & yet it's only because they each tend to their own Spirit & personal growth. If you have a desire to learn how to nurture your partnerships through love, forgiveness, empowerment & intention you've come to the right place!"

Spiritual Coach | Singer/Songwriter | Youtuber

"Having Julie as a life coach has empowered me to take control of things in my life over which I used to feel powerless. The program has given me the tools to accept what I cannot change in myself and others, and how to process situations and life events which seem unbearable."

Sara C.
Human Resources Professional

"Julie is one of the most kind, skilled and compassionate coaches I know. She creates a safe, loving and non-judgmental space for healing from co-dependency and expanding your spiritual practice. If you're in a relationship with someone who is in recovery, actively using, or if you're struggling with co-dependent patterns - look no further! Julie is your girl."

Haley Night
Spiritual Entrepreneur

""I have met with therapists in the past, and I will again, but I have never before felt the genuine acceptance of where I was in life that I felt with Julie. I have never before been given such a clear outline of what I am supposed to do to help make my life feel better. She sent me a recap and homework every week after our session and I LOVED it. My personality responds well to lists and checklists, and this is exactly what she gave me. As she wisely told me after one of my initial sessions, “I believe once you really start to heal some past things you will rest more easily and have more energy for your life in the moment.” Gah! So well said.”"

Meredith S.
Mom Blogger,

""Julie Conner is relatable, authentic, and knowledgable. She is committed to helping her clients reach their full potential in terms of their relationships, their parenting, and their connection to themselves to improve their lives. I would never hesitate to recommend Julie because she is dedicated, caring, and an expert in her field.""

Ali Katz
Author; Meditation, Self-Care & Mindful Parenting Coach


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